❰❰Post Headers and Types

by Jesse Herrick

July 16, 2014

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been making a lot of changes to my blog recently. So far I have added a bunch of new design changes, but the main one that I would like to talk about are the new post types.

Yesterday, I added the link and blog post types. These are simply terms to describe the posts I make. I was really inspired by John Gruber’s use of links in his posts. There are often times when I see something cool that I want to share, but either don’t need to or want to write a blog post on it. This way, not only can I share awesome things, but I can also use this as a reference for things I find cool. Kind of like bookmarks, but a whole lot cooler because it’s my blog.

Update: (July 21, 2014) Having completed the new (4.0) design of my blog, I took out the tags feature due to overcomplication of the design. Most of the stuff I mention above is no longer true.

I was also inspired by Tumblr’s way of doing things (especially post types). I actually get asked why I don’t have a Tumblr more often then you might think. And honestly, I would change my blog to Tumblr if it wasn’t such a hassle (and if I didn’t love Markdown and Jekyll so much).

Anyway, you should be seeing a lot more posts from me. I keep my blog’s feed here for your feed reading pleasure.

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