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The Ohio Legislature's Abortion Ban Bill: The Horror of S.B. 127

It should be noted that this bill has since been passed and signed by Governor Kasich, but the argument against it is still just as relevant.

Ohio has joined the ranks of states across the country in its fight against the reproductive rights of women. Although women have a constitutional right to make their own personal reproductive health choices regarding abortion, Congress and state legislatures across the country have repeatedly pressed on to infringe on these rights. Ohio is already one of these states, but the General Assembly has begun to pursue even more severe restrictions. Many have heard of the so-called “Heartbeat Bill,”1 but the Ohio Senate has actually passed an even more restrictive bill: Senate Bill 127 (S.B. 127). This measure bans all abortions after twenty weeks with one exception: a fetus endangering the health of the woman. It makes no exception, however, for rape, incest, or the mental health of the woman. The passage of this bill into law sets a dangerous precedent for us Ohioans. Not only is the law unnecessarily punitive toward physicians merely attempting to follow their Hippocratic Oath, but it also drives women back in time to the days before Roe v. Wade. This bill and others like it are a danger to the reproductive health and rights of women in the state of Ohio and must not become law.

  1. It’s actually an amendment to an unrelated bill. See p. 47 of S.B. 127. 

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I Can't See the Stars

I realized recently that the lack of stars that I see at night is due to the amount of light pollution in Ohio. Centuries ago, one could stand where I stand now and see our entire galaxy, but now, I’m lucky to even see 10 stars.

I don’t know the solution to our light pollution issues, but I need to see the splendor of our galaxy. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s a key human experience that too many people never have. I attempt to comprehend how infinitesimally small we are in the universe, but someone less curious won’t have the inspiration to try if they can’t see the stars. Think of the thousands of would-be astronomers who will never be inspired by our galaxy in the way thousands before have.

There is a world (or rather, galaxy) out there to see that I have missed all of my life. It’s time to change that.

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How to fix "File `Sweave.sty' not found." error in Latex

I write most of my papers in LaTeX. This time, I’m writing an IB Biology IA and need to include R-generated graphs and figures. Usually I just generate the PDFs seperately and include them inside of the document using \includegraphics, but I wanted to give Sweave a try.

I created a Makefile and setup my documents just so then gave it a spin. Aaaand error!

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Make Awesome (Easy) Aeropress Coffee

I love coffee. I also love clean, organized things. The Aeropress combines all of these into one awesome device.

I actually forgot how useful an Aeropress was until I read this article on Matt Might’s blog. He suggests using an Aeropress to make coffee, then embeds a great video about it. However, I don’t own an electric kettle, cooking thermometer, grinder, or electric balance/scale so I couldn’t really use any of the techniques in the video. Instead, I decided to make my own method using just a microwave.

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Printing Your Stuff Again

The other day, I had finally decided upon a musical piece for the spring musical audition (Someone is Waiting from Company). So I decided to go online and buy the sheet music. Now, I didn’t know this at the time, but sheet music has really weird copyright laws. So I went on, and bought my piece.

Now I assumed that (like any person buying sheet music online for the first time) they would give me access to a PDF or something, but it turns out I had to install a plugin (yes, a plugin) for my browser to even view it. After doing that, I decided that I would print it out. So I pressed the print button and quickly started printing it. That’s when I realized that I didn’t want to print it to that printer (because it’s an inkjet and would have a lower quality than a laserjet), so I deleted it from the queue.

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